The Liquidity of the Banking Sector of Ukraine has Grown Rapidly

The liquidity of the banking sector of Ukraine rose sharply as a result of a reduction in the government’s treasury account – by UAH 22.3 billion per week. From now on, it amounts to UAH 213.6 billion, the chairman of the National Bank Bohdan Danylyshyn wrote on his Facebook page.

This made it possible to compensate for the outflow of funds from the banking system into cash for the week in the amount of UAH 6 billion.

The regulatory capital of banks in March increased by UAH 3.2 billion – plus 1.8%. This allowed to increase the capital and regulatory capital adequacy ratios to 16.2% and 22.6%, respectively. Such indicators more than double the normative values ​​of the relevant indicators and indicate a high level of capitalization of the banking sector of Ukraine.

At the same time, Danylyshyn noted, after the National Bank decided to increase the discount rate to 7.5%, the rates on the interbank market moved to the level of the new lower limit of rates on NBU operations – 6.5%.

To support bank liquidity, the National Bank last week provided refinancing to four banks in the amount of UAH 405 million at a rate of 7.5% for a period of 84 days.

Debts of solvent banks to the NBU on tender loans up to 90 days amount to UAH 3.4 billion, on long-term loans from 1 to 5 years – UAH 68.8 billion.

Implementation of the State Program “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” continues to increase at a high rate. Last week, the program issued 555 loans worth UAH 1.6 billion, and the total loan portfolio under the terms of the program increased to UAH 33.6 billion, of which:

UAH 15 billion (44.6%) was provided to refinance the existing debt of bank customers;
UAH 13.7 billion (40.8%) – to support working capital;
UAH 4.9 billion (14.6%) – for investment purposes.