Lord of Rings: As mentioned Friday, we’re shifting the news updates to Tuesdays. This week, we have a special announcement! We’re releasing additional Vault cards next week, February 26th, to all players for unlocking. This is part of our ongoing second major Vault card release, which expands the number of player cards you may use to build your decks.

As always, these cards are part of our Early Access development and are subject to change once live in play.

Here they are for your perusal and planning for future decks. What cards are you unlocking?

The Lord of the Rings Online gets a new extension. In addition, the beta test for the 64-bit client is on and there are new story content in 2019.

Developer Standing Stone Games has given from. They have promised a new extension for the MMORPG. When this will appear, however, is still open. On the other hand, what is already known about the extension is listed below for you:

Revision of the craft: The developers have already revealed that the next expansion is a major update for the craftsmanship. This should allow players at higher levels to better use the system. Above all, players should be able to produce better equipment and supplement it in conjunction with other sources from the game.

Level of difficulty not as high as in Mordor: The last expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online was too heavy for some players. While others were pleased with the challenge, feedback from the players now makes the next expansion in the outside world and in the normal instances not as difficult as Mordor.

Standing Stone Games decided instead to integrate additional challenges. The difficulty of certain instances is increased to four or more levels. Players will then expect additional rewards there. The current plan is that content for one, three, six or twelve characters will receive additional difficulty levels.

This happens at The Lord of the Rings Online in 2019
Before the new expansion comes, the current story about the Black Book by Mordor will be continued this year and finally lead to the new chapter.

Continuation of the story in 2019: The players will be led with the latest story in the valley of the Anduin. There you can experience important events and the secrets of the place. The stories about the valley will be released later in the year and will eventually follow the story back to Mordor and Minas Morgul. Among other things, face Kankra and learn how it affects the future of Middle-earth.

Beta for the 64-bit client: According to current planning, the beta for the 64-bit client of The Lord of the Rings Online will start in March. This overcomes some limitations in loading the game world and textures. In addition, then modern graphics cards can be better used.

Class balance: After the update on the bard and the upcoming one for the rogue, the revision of the classes is still ongoing. Distributed over the year, the class balance is to be further improved. Plans for adjustments to rune keepers and captains already exist. However, Standing Stone Games plans several small updates for the classes in the future instead of a big one.

The virtue system is being reworked: Developers plan to earn Virtue Experience Points for actions and perhaps other activities in the future instead of directly earning Virtue Points as before. This should give players the opportunity to decide for themselves which virtue will progress without having to be equipped.

Existing virtue ranks are transferred to the new system without loss. In addition, all virtues will grant small passive bonuses without you having to carry them.

Rewards for clans: There should be new rewards for clans to earn as a group. In doing so, developers are thinking of cosmetic rewards for lodging and the possibility that clan leaders can sometimes activate buffs.However,  these plans are still considerations of developers who are not final.

New Grouping feature: Instance groups get a new feature that works much like the Social Contacts window task groups. This allows you to set up to five instances with class and level requirements. This is intended to replace the grouping function of the Instance Finder and eliminate the need for frequent chat requests.