The manufacturer of Nutella was Planning to Set up in the Eure

The manufacturer of Nutella was planning to set up in the Eure. The Italian group threw in the towel after France Nature Environnement filed an appeal on the grounds of the presence on the scene of several species of protected birds. It is looking for a new base.

It is not a virus but another little being who got the better of Ferrero’s plan to create a new distribution center in the Seine valley. Last September, the Italian firm announced in a press release its intention to start construction work on a 36,000 m2 logistics building in Criquebœuf-sur-Seine in the Eure region to replace two aging platforms in the Seine- Maritime and in the Aube. A large investment is promised: thirty million euros.

The Nutella phenomenon has grown in recent years, so much so that it has become a family of products within the Ferrero Group, first thanks to the launch of Nutella B-ready and then, a few months ago, thanks to Nutella buscuits that promise to revolutionize the world of biscuits by sparing the cards and aiming for 80 million sales in the first year of the market and a market share of between 5 and 8% according to estimates.

For the daily production of biscuits you need at least 32 tons of Nutella. In the United States the two Nutella Cafés were opened, in New York and Chicago, where you can taste bread, crêpes, French toast and waffles with Nutella base, and a hotel completely dedicated to the most famous hazelnut cream in the world .

Nutella can count on millions of fans as evidenced by the great visibility during the World Nutella Day, a social event invented in 2007 by the blogger Sara Rosso and which last year, for example, obtained 6.5 million mentions online, with the word Nutella mentioned once every 5 seconds.

And on the day dedicated to celebrating Nutella by its fans, Ferrero and McDonald’s launch in four Italian cities – Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari – the McCrunchy Bread with Nutella, a new product born from the partnership between the two companies and bring bread and Nutella in all Italian McDonald’s. A classic of snack and breakfast in half the world, for over fifty years it has become a product to be consumed even outside the home.