The New Citroen C5…12 Photo Shared By Citroen on Twitter

Citroen has just published a photo earlier today announcing the preview of a model whose name is not mentioned on April 12. However, we told you a few days ago that Citroen was going to unveil the new generation of C5 around mid-April. Did you make the connection?

We told you about it on March 13, the new generation of Citroën C5, known internally as the E43 project, will be unveiled during the month of April. And earlier today, the French manufacturer published a tweet in which it announces the preview of a new model on April 12. The connection is quickly made. Bingo, you understand, it is of course this model! After the DS 4 and Peugeot 308, the C5 is the other great French novelty of this year 2021. The countdown has started.

What do we already know about him?

As the previous generations were relatively conventional, as the next C5 will surprise by its design because it will be raised. A bit like the last C4. This was confirmed by our spy photos. In short, a Citroën, a real one with a design that stands out. With its false SUV accents and its extended wheelbase, perhaps even larger than that of the Peugeot 508 L sold in China (2.85 m), it will take care of the reception of the occupants. The trunk volume should be generous and practical with its tailgate and high stern. History to convince those who have had enough of SUVs.

All Citroen that it is, it will make comfort its top priority. Finished however the hydraulic suspension, this C5 will favor shock absorbers with hydraulic stop, like the other models of the range. And could receive a controlled damping, like the DS 9, optional or on the high-end liveries.

On the engine side, it should rely on plug-in hybrid engines of 180 hp and 225 hp. Those seen on the 308, a priori. Without forgetting the petrol units of 130 and 180 hp. However, there will be no diesel. See you next month to discover this future C5.