The New Citroen C5 X Marks the Return of the French Brand to the D segment

The entry on the scene of the new Citroen C5 X, the long-awaited replacement for the C5, materializes the return of the French brand to the D segment. This category plays a leading role in Europe, and Citroën wants to differentiate itself from the rest of its contenders with a unique proposal.

After a huge amount of spy photos, leaks and official advances, the new Citroen C5 X has made its debut in society. The long-awaited replacement for the Citroën C5, which until a few years ago was on sale at our dealerships, is now a reality. And what is more important, it presents numerous and very important novelties. So much so, that Citroën itself has chosen to change the trade name of the model.

The new C5 X is the particular proposal with which Citroën decides to attack, once again, the middle segment in Europe. A vehicle resulting from “putting a saloon, a estate and an SUV in a shaker”. The C5 X is the result of mixing these concepts. To a certain extent, we are facing a model that follows the strategy already seen in the new Citroën C4 that, for a few months, we can find in our dealerships.

Citroën returns to segment D with a differentiated proposal
One of the keys to the introduction of the new C5 X is that, with this launch, Citroën returns to the D segment after an absence of approximately two years. Although it has been officially presented, the truth is that the great debut in society of the new C5 X will take place far from our borders. More specifically in China. Within the framework of the Shanghai Auto Show 2021.

The measurements of the new C5 X reveal the category in which this model grapples. The length reaches 4.8 meters and the wheelbase is very close to 2.8 m, which has allowed Citroën designers to design a very spacious cabin. Both for the occupants of the front and rear seats. By the way, the boot cubes a cargo volume of 545 liters.

Length 4,805 mm
Width 1,865 mm
Height 1,485 mm
Wheelbase 2,785 mm
Trunk 545 liters
Maximum luggage compartment 1,640 liters

The commercialization of the new C5 X will start in the second half of 2021. As might be expected, and taking into account the place where it will be presented to the public, in addition to Europe, it will also be sold in China. The series production of the new C5 X in the Asian country will take place in a facility located in Chengdu, operated by a joint venture formed by Stellantis and Dongfeng.

Stellantis, and more specifically Citroen, see in the new C5 X a key model to reverse the situation that the signing of chevrons is going through in China. The objective? End more than half a decade of bad results. However, and beyond its role in China, if we focus on Europe, we are facing a very interesting project for the D segment.

Vincent Cobee, Citroen CEO, pointed out the type of audience that the new C5 X is aimed at: “It is aimed at people who are used to a higher driving position and the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle, but do not want to an SUV design. It has space and the functionality of a family car. Cobee believes that it will be able to attract the attention of buyers as well as family cars and compact SUVs.

The new Citroen C5 X in video

The supply of mid-size saloons from generalist brands has decreased significantly in recent years. That is why Citroën, its return to this category, has chosen to offer “something different” whose appeal is more than just an affordable price. Since the C5 ended its marketing, the flagship of the French brand in Europe has been the Citroën C5 Aircross.

During 2020 in Europe segment D has been led by the Volkswagen Passat with 115,763 units. Just behind is the Skoda Superb with 60,254 units sold and, at a considerable distance, closing the podium, appears the Peugeot 508, with 28,741 units. A special mention should also be made of the Ford Mondeo with 21,453 registrations. The records of this category reached 297,863 units. Citroen expects that most of the buyers of the C5 X in Europe will be fleet customers.