Nostalgia by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren launches a new denim-themed advertising campaign titled “Wear Your Story” that captures the nostalgic sensations and stories created when wearing our favorite jeans.

“Wear Your Story” is the mantra of the new American designer’s campaign. Wearing jeans is a story. A nostalgic saying, an ode to denim, an essential and historic category of the brand. Diving in the heart of our textile souvenirs.

Whether it’s a denim jacket or pants, this iconic material goes with all generations in their wildest and most memorable adventures. A textile that Ralph Lauren wanted to pay tribute to in his latest campaign in 2019 titled “Wear Your Story” – “Carry Your Story” photographed by the duo Tim Hill and James Finnigan. In a video filmed in part on a ranch, six models and influencers – including a student, a father, a mother – tell how their favorite jeans became unforgettable, in the middle of the horses, emblems of the brand.

A revaluation of the garment in connection with Ralph Lauren’s denim sustainability policy. The jeans are created from an eco-responsible cotton “as well in selection as in production” communicated the brand. As part of “Design the Change” – the company’s sustainable development strategy – the American company supports this responsible cotton production via the “Better Cotton Initiative”. It is associated with “suppliers who collect and recycle old jeans and strive to reduce the use of stones and the amount of water required during the manufacturing process”. By 2025, Ralph Lauren would like to buy 100% sustainable cotton and reduce water consumption by 20%.

The pieces of this new collection including new washes and other treatments of the jeans are available on

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