The Palace Preparing to Convince Pince Harry and Megan to Return to Britian

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are now in the media and paparazzi after leaving the royal post. Sources say senior royal members may speak to the two soon. Senior members may convince the couple to return to the UK.

The continuing Royal Couple at the Royal House of Britain seemed to end with Prince Harry and Megan Merkel stepping down. Now according to the news published in the Sunday Times, members of the royal family are preparing to celebrate Harry and Megan. Senior members may try to prepare Harry and Megan to return to Britain without performing their royal obligations. Harry and Megan resented the paparazzi crowd outside the house. Megan was walking with her son  and two pet dogs on Sunday when some paparazzi took pictures of them.

Senior members of the Royal Family will talk to Harry-Megan, sources in the Royal Family say that Prince Charles and Prince William may liaise with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Members of the royal family will assure Harry Megan that even after leaving the royal post, he can spend the entire time in Britain. They no longer need to officially fulfill royal obligations to remain in Britain.

A senior source associated with the royal palace said that the palace is deeply concerned about Sussex. According to the source, ‘Both of them (Harry and Megan) are facing very difficult situations outside the family. The palace is also preparing for this that one day the couple suddenly return and ask for permission to stay. ‘The duke and duchess have issued warnings, harassing photographers constantly chasing them. The couple says that a large number of photographers have gathered to take pictures inside their house. Photographers are using long-range lenses for this. The couple’s lawyer has also claimed that their photographs were taken without permission.

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