The Pandemic Affected Hundreds of Auto Parts Supplier Companies

Automakers have closed assembly lines due to a global semiconductor shortage, although they have not been on all lines, Toyota, Ford, Audi Subaru, Fiat and Mazda models, among others, have felt the rigor of having to stop. lines for lack of those pieces.

The pandemic also affected hundreds of auto parts supplier companies, some closed and others that managed to stay have not reached their pre-pandemic production peaks, with which there are minimal productions of other auto parts for some models.

All this, passed a bill that thousands of families felt, there were mass layoffs due to the closure of auto parts companies and even due to the closure of production lines in some brands.

Now the semiconductor production crisis is expected to last no more than six months, that is the obstacle due to a pandemic; Because politics can last longer, the differences between China and the United States are great and the field of that battle is technology, both powers seek self-sufficiency and their own development so as not to depend on their rival.

In addition, while the world is getting used to that rivalry, Europe is experiencing its own war, this is very political, the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union is not free and vehicles and auto parts also suffer from the lack of agreements in this divorce , which has been five years since the British referendum to leave the European Union was held, on June 23, 2016. Always led by the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, then former Mayor of London.

Today international markets and car owners are beginning to fear certificates of origin, both the EU and the United Kingdom begin to refuse to issue them when the vehicles carry parts from their rival, and that is a complex case given that today day no cars are produced 100 percent in a territory and the European, English, American, Japanese and generally Asian brands share parts of these two origins with what this 2021 already begins to feel the effects of who stays with the furniture, in this divorce that seems to end up commercially affecting that ex-partner and meanwhile the customers of their cars, just to name one line.

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