The Popularity Rating of Emmanuel Macron in Sharp Decline Since June

The Benalla affair and the economic policy pursued are sanctioned, according to the Ifop barometer.

The return to politics promises to be tumultuous for Emmanuel Macron. According to the Ifop barometer whose results are published today in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, the popularity of the tenant of the Elysee was already sharp decline between June and early August, “from 64% to 40%.” And for the month of August, the President of France has lost five points, sixteen since the beginning of the year. Currently, only 34% of respondents are satisfied with his work at the head of France, against 66% dissatisfied.

For Frédéric Dabi, deputy general director of Ifop who analyzes these results in the columns of the Sunday publication, the reasons for this decline are multiple. First, the Benalla case, “little mentioned by respondents but it seems to have been a trigger to trigger a wave of negative judgments.” Then the reaction of  Emmanuel Macron the case that touched his former bodyguard, qualified by some of the polls as arrogant and disconnected.

Beyond the Benalla case, it is also the policy initiated by Emmanuel Macron that seems sanctioned here. “We now see the emergence of suspicion of an anti-social policy: Macron is not only denounced as the president of the rich but as the one who attacks the poor, the one whose policy would harm the middle class,” said Frederic Dabi. Many French respondents are impatient with the results of the measures taken by the government.

Another element to highlight, the gap is widening little by little between Emmanuel Macron and his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, who collects meanwhile 40% of favorable opinions. As the JDD still explains, this is the biggest gap, six points, between the two men since the beginning of the five-year period. Among LaREM supporters, its rating is now higher than that of the party’s founder.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder