The Remains of an Ancient Turtle with a Toothless Beak and without shel found in China

Paleontologists headed by Professor Chun Li during excavations in the Chinese province of Guizhou have found the fossilized remains of a turtle with a toothless beak and without a shell. The species was attributed to the Triassic period that was on Earth 228 years ago.

It is reported that this discovery was first described in 2004. Fossils of turtle found in ancient marine sediments. According to experts, the animal could eat both in the sea and on land. The length of the trunk of the fossil is 50 cm, the length of the tail is twice as large.


The species was named Eorhynchochelys sinensis. Paleontologists believe that this is a tortoise, although it does not have a shell and abdominal plate. Bones of an animal resemble the structure of modern turtles.