The Risk of the Stock Markets

The risk of the US stock market and the economy falling into a “downturn cycle”
Morgan Stanley: Don’t be fooled by the end of the year.

Tmall double 11 innovation record Forbes: China’s consumption upgrade for at least 20 years
European companies’ disappointing third-quarter profit makes the stock market worse
Nearly half of the Americans earn less than $30,000 a year!

The central bank unexpectedly reduced its holdings of US stocks and sold 1 million shares of apples.

Emerging market stocks soared to a new high since February
British family “secret debt” scale may be as high as 96 billion pounds.

Saudi restrictions on supply to the market to inject stimulants, oil  rose more than 2.4%
US stock picks: New stock courier: group car network, China professional car…

The Fed plans to further adjust the stress test to make it easier for banks to cross the border
After two years of banknotes, employment in India has not recovered.

JPMorgan Chase: GE is down to $6 in the coming year
The Bank of England’s vice president said that the agreement to reach the British retreat remains the most likely outcome of the negotiations.

Russia is considering implementing a dollarization to fight back US sanctions
China and Britain’s central banks renew bilateral bilateral currency swap agreements
Britain intends to levy age tax on people over 40 years old.