The Ruble Strengthened Against Dollar and Euro

The US dollar exchange rate “for tomorrow” at the beginning of today’s trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange by 10:01 lost 29.5 kopecks to the previous close and amounted to 65.8225 rubles. In this case, the euro by this time dropped by almost 34 kopecks to 76.0850 rubles, according to the stock exchange.

As Alpari analyst Vladislav Antonov notes, today at the auctions in Asia, oil has risen in price by 1.15% to $ 81.44 per barrel. “Such price movements will support the ruble at the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange. For the dollar / ruble pair, I expect a decline to the area of ​​65.50 rubles, ”the expert’s review says.

According to him, “the dollar reluctantly drops against the ruble, as it generally strengthens in the Forex market, but if the RGBI index (Russian government bond index – ed.) Continues to recover, the dollar will decline against the national currency,” predicts Antonov.

“For the euro / ruble pair, the target zone today is 75.65 rubles. By October 20, I expect a decline at the level of 75.20 rubles. per euro, ”adds the analyst.