The Secrets of Successful People Getting Rid of “Monday Syndrome”

Obviously after relaxing on the weekend, why do you just want to stay in bed and not move when the new week starts on Monday morning? I’m more tired after taking a vacation and not working efficiently.  If you have this situation, you might as well ask yourself whether you really let yourself rest on the weekend?

In fact, taking a vacation also requires skill to properly charge yourself. Timothy Sykes, an entrepreneur and stock trader who has repeatedly appeared on CNN and Fox News, best-selling author Kevin Daum, founder and editor-in-chief of digital press, and Nicolas Cole, a columnist of many well-known publications, are successful People once shared a few small things that they and other celebrities often do on weekends to teach you to build good habits and regain a week of energy.

1. Empty the inbox away from the digital device
Many people still tie themselves to work even when they are on vacation. They continue to check their inboxes for new emails, take out their mobile phones to handle work-related businesses, and even use holidays to complete work that they can’t finish on weekdays. Holidays seem to them as if they were there or not, but they are even more tired in the new week.

Both Kevin Daum and Timothy Sykes suggested that we allow ourselves one day to stay away from technology products and live in the present. At least try to turn off your mobile phone and stop receiving emails within six hours. This method is good for your body and mind. If you are repeatedly entangled in the 3C environment, not only energy will be consumed quickly, but creativity will also be quickly exhausted. Properly let go of the tense work mood and take some time to feel the true meaning of life. I will surely be able to regain many new perspectives and greatly increase workplace productivity.

2. Connect with relatives and friends to share the latest situation
Kevin Daum mentioned that many successful people understand that they need to spend time with their loved ones, whether it’s family or friends.

We don’t have to choose to go far away, and we don’t have to take a trip. It’s enough to meet each other. Vacation is a good time for us to reconnect with friends and relatives. When you wake up the next day, you will feel that you are ready to face the challenges the world will give you.

3. Find a charging channel to regain energy
Successful people can accomplish so many things in a week because they know how to set goals to recharge themselves and properly manage their rest time. They understand that taking a break is for a longer journey, and a car needs to be continuously refueled to drive further.

Timothy Sykes, an entrepreneur and securities trader who has been reported by CNN and Fox News many times, suggests that everyone find a fixed pressure relief channel to relax and settle the body and mind. It can be going on vacation, gardening, handicraft activities, listening to music, playing games, or cooking, finding a way that suits you, soothing a busy week, and regaining your enthusiasm for work.

4. Spend time alone
Many people may build the weekend on social, accept too many invitations, arrange various itineraries, and go out every holiday, never leaving time for themselves. In fact, when on vacation, we should pay attention to whether the time is ours or someone else’s. It is also very important to leave some time for yourself to have a personal space to be quiet!

5. Examine yourself and draw up a weekly plan
“Reflection on gains and losses” is a highly valuable workplace investment, and successful workers will never wait until Monday morning to start planning.

The weekend is a good time. Let yourself sit down quietly, take a moment to review your work performance last week, and think about the to-do items for the next week, such as whether there are meetings, interviews, calls to answer, or post If you want to innovate strategies and make a list, you can clearly grasp the target strategy and focus on the right place.

6. Get new inspiration from books or exhibitions
Working for too long sometimes leaves us uninspired. If we keep doing what we know, sometimes it is easy to fail to notice the changes in the outside world. Nicolas Cole suggested that you can go to the bookstore or library on weekends, scan the shelves, pick a book you want to read, or participate in some exhibitions to get some new knowledge. Kevin Daum also mentioned that reading biographies is also a good way to get inspiration.

7. Exercise
Exercise can be said to be a good way to get rid of Monday syndrome and maintain energy and efficiency. Nicolas Cole, the founder and editor-in-chief of the online media Digital Press, talked about an interesting phenomenon. After a week of stress bombing, most people feel very tired and tired, but they are content with this state and often forget to ask themselves: “Wait, am I feeling okay?”

Everyone needs to exercise. If you don’t exercise for four or five days a week, you will have to spend some time on weekends to make up for it. Although going to the gym or running is great, Sundays should be used for stretching. Spending a little time listening to music and stretching your body will not only effectively relax your body and mind, but it is also a great opportunity to clear your mind and come up with new ideas.

8. Use a little time to do housework
Use an hour on the weekend to deal with some housework that has to be done, such as cleaning up a table top that is very messy due to piles of paper and debris, cleaning up unwashed dishes, or quickly scanning the house and passing through The clothes are put in the washing machine. After the house is clean and tidy, the depression will be relieved a lot. You can set the tone for the new week. For the rest of the time, forget about everything and enjoy the holiday!


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