The Shares of Siemens are Weaker on Tuesday

The shares of Siemens are weaker in the Tuesday and have opened the trading day with a price gap down.

Siemens share: further price losses ahead.

This could be the end of the previous recovery. Because the 200-day line serves the quotations as a resistance to the top. In the long run, prices are pointing downwards.

Initial situation and signal

It is not a jubilee day for the shareholders of Siemens: On Tuesday morning, the shares of the Munich-based conglomerate start with a strong price gap down. In the first one and a half trading hours, the paper loses just under 2.5 percent, making it the biggest loser in the German stock index (DAX). While quoting prices of EUR 107.62, they are quoted at the level of support, but whether this can withstand the pressure to sell may be doubted – the current losses are too high; too strong the downward movement.


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