The Top 100 Worst Passwords of 2018

SplashData announces the top 100 “password not to be used” password in the 2018.

SplashData is a company that provides security applications and security services, announcing a ranking of passwords that should not be used annually.

The top 20 of NG passwords announced by the company are as follows.

Most of the passwords in the upper rank are pushing the keyboard with a certain rule such as from left to right, those which repeatedly pressed the same key, common nouns and proper nouns. The upper passwords are almost the same every year, and it is understood that despite the fact that it is not recommended to use it, many users are still using it.

Passwords listed on these lists are used in dictionary attacks, so it is highly likely that they will soon be found out. If the password used for the listed list is posted, it is desirable to change to another password that is not on the list (Reference: “How to make a strong password that is easy to remember”, “Secure What is the way to make a password? “).

Position Bad Password
1 123456
2 password
3 123456789
4 12345678
5 12345
6 111111
7 1234567
8 sunshine
9 qwerty
10 iloveyou
11 princess
12 admin
13 welcome
14 666666
15 abc 123
16 football
17 123123
18 monkey
19 654321
20! @ # $% ^ & *