The WhatsApp Tricks that will Make Your Life Easier

With these little tips you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the tangle of WhatsApp and you will learn to use the application with more privacy.

WhatsApp is a totum revolutum in itself. The favorite messaging application of the Spanish. The one in which everyone is and that is used for almost everything.

However, most users only take advantage of a small part of the functions and options offered by the most popular instant messaging application in our country.

Therefore, below we show you five simple tricks (for which you will not need to install any application or add-on) that will allow you to make the most of WhatsApp and get the most out of it.

Among all the tangle of things that we send and receive via WhatsApp there is always interesting information that we need to save so that it can be consulted at any time and it is possible thanks to a trick that very few people know: the use of favorites.

Favorites are messages (sent or received) in any of the formats that WhatsApp allows (photos, videos, texts, audios, documents …) that we have marked to be able to consult later.

To mark a certain message as a favorite we will simply have to make a long press on it and select the star icon that will appear in the upper bar.

When we want to check the messages that we have saved as favorites, we must select the three points in the upper right corner and select the option of highlighted messages.

In this way you will always have at hand the home address of your friends, the size of your father’s pants for when you want to give him a gift or those photos that you like so much and that your girlfriend sent you a fool day. Actually, the highlighted messages in WhatsApp can be used to save almost anything.

Each WhatsApp user exchanges hundreds of messages a day. A huge amount of information where it is difficult to properly point out the important things. For this reason, in WhatsApp it is possible that, as if it were a Microsoft Word document, enter bold, italics and underlined.

Bold: to write bold you will need to put an asterisk * before and after the message you want to highlight. In this way, the message you want to show in bold * you should write it like this * and give it to send normally.

Italics: in the case of italics, the modus operandi is very similar but with an underscore _ instead of the asterisk. In this way, the message that you want to show in italics _you should write it like this_ and give it to send normally

Strikeouts: Same process as in the two previous cases, except that here you have to use the You have to put capitals ~ before and after the message you want to strike out. In this way, the message that you want to show with strikethroughs ~ you should write it like this ~ and give it and send it normally.

A to-do list is something important in our lives and helps us organize ourselves. However, it is important that this list is accessible. For that, there is nothing better than WhatsApp, an application that millions of Spaniards use every day.

Making your to-do list on WhatsApp is very simple. You just have to create a group with a family member or friend and then kick them out of the group to be alone. Once this maneuver is carried out, you can use the one-man group to send yourself notes, audios, photos, videos, files, etc.

Also, if you want it to remain accessible at all times and not forget that you have things to do, you can always do a long press on that group in the general list of chats and select the option to pin it.

WhatsApp is a very sneaky application and that is a drawback for all those who have bosses, partners, friends or family who are a little heavy. However, the app has a solution to avoid these types of problems.

Finally, you will only have to deactivate the read receipts and you can now use WhatsApp in incognito mode.

If you don’t want to give up seeing the last connection time, you can always use the WhatsApp web extension that we tell you in this article and enjoy the application like a ninja.

Although it is totally illegal for someone to pick up your phone to gossip on your WhatsApp, that kind of thing usually happens. Therefore, it does not hurt to be careful and provide your phone with an additional security cap.

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