The world’s Largest Unicorn Ant Financial Launches its Listing Plan

Ant Financial, the world’s largest online payment platform, will prepare to apply for simultaneous listing on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Ant Financial is a subsidiary of Alibaba and the parent company of Alipay. It was renamed Ant Technology in June.

The initial estimated market value will exceed 200 billion, and it will become the world’s most valuable financial technology company. According to Bloomberg, this is larger than China’s state-owned China Construction Bank and second only to Bank of America.

Applying for public listing on two exchanges at the same time is the first time that a private company has conducted such a funding method. Ant Financial said in a statement issued on Monday that the listing will help Time China’s service industry to digitize and stimulate domestic demand. , To develop global markets with partners and expand investment in technology and innovation.

Ant Financial conducted a Series C financing in 2018 with a valuation of approximately US$150 billion, but Wall Street analysts estimate that the current valuation should grow more than in the past.

Bank of America analysts estimated that based on its 2021 P/E ratio of 45 times, the valuation is about US$210 billion. JPMorgan Chase uses Ant Financial’s 2023 P/E ratio to estimate it at 25 times, and the valuation is US$218 billion. But no matter what, breaking $200 billion is a consensus.

Uber’s initial valuation before listing was only about 120 billion U.S. dollars. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Airbnb, which was originally planned to go public this year, was nowhere to be seen, and its valuation was reduced by about 26 billion U.S. dollars. In contrast, the scale of Ant’s listing can be seen.

Foreign sales orders with 4 reds, continued positive growth in July, with variablesThe world’s Largest Unicorn Ant Financial Launches its
The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the statistics of export orders in June, which showed an annual increase of 6.5% and an increase of 5.4% compared with May. It has four reds in a row, setting a new record for the same month in the past year and a record of four consecutive months of growth.

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The world’s Largest Unicorn Ant Financial Launches its Listing Plan

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