There’s a “Significant Threat” of Crypto Scams on LinkedIn, FBI Warns

The FBI warns that there is a “significant threat” on LinkedIn when it comes to crypto-related scams. The company guarantees that it is effective in fighting spam and fraud.

There are criminals exploiting LinkedIn to scam network users through false investments in cryptocurrencies, currently posing a “significant threat” to the platform. The complaint is made by the agent responsible for the FBI in San Francisco and Sacramento, California.

“This type of fraudulent activity is significant, and there are many victims,” ​​says Sean Ragan in an interview with CNBC. Typically, the criminal approaches the victim through a LinkedIn conversation that revolves around the topic “how to make money in cryptocurrencies”, directing them to a credible platform. The scam begins when the victim is later sent to an “exchange” controlled by the criminal, and the money that was transferred is then stolen.

The FBI confirmed to CNBC that investigations into this type of crimes are ongoing but did not provide details.

“We work with companies and government agencies around the world to keep LinkedIn members safe. If a member finds or is the victim of a scam, we ask that they file a complaint,” the FBI responded to the US television network. .

LinkedIn’s Director of Privacy and Equality Policy Oscar Rodriguez explained that “trying to identify what’s fake and what’s not fake is incredibly difficult.”

The company revealed that last year it removed more than 32 million fake accounts from the platform.

LinkedIn also stressed that the anti-spam software, which works under an automation regime, was able to detect 99.1% of spam and fraud. The company declined to say how much money users have already lost in these fraudulent schemes.