These Are The Measures that Remain in Force in Bogota Due to the Third Wave of Covid-19

The Mayor’s Office of Bogota had announced a series of measures that would govern in the capital to slow down the spread of the virus.

This Monday, the Mayor’s Office delivered a new balance on the measures carried out, the sanctioned citizens and the commercial establishments on which measures were taken, which determined that despite the fact that this new confinement warned that only essential activities would continue to function normally in the capital, there were some localities that as a protest continued their economic activities.

In fact, this Monday, in particular, there was an unexpected increase in users of the mass transit system who argued that they should go to work.

For this reason, it is expected that this week the authorities will evaluate if the measures that worked during the weekend are extended, and if they see it necessary to apply new ones to stop the contagion of the new coronavirus.

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However, it must be taken into account that some measures decreed by the Mayor’s Office are still in force in the city:

Peak and ID: This measure was one of the loudest, and it is estimated that it will continue until Monday, April 19. However, it does not apply to health services, notaries, banks and administrative procedures that require the assistance of two or more people. As well as those who care for the elderly or disabled.

It also does not apply to doctors, hotels, restaurants, gyms, tourist, cultural or religious places, as well as parks, museums, cinemas and theaters.

Sale and consumption of liquor: The District Administration Decree stipulated that this restriction would take effect between 00:00 hours on Saturday, April 10, and 4:00 a.m. Tuesday the 13th of the same month, although you could make purchases at home.

Suspension of non-deferrable medium and high complexity surgical procedures: The regulations specified the postponement of these procedures that could make use of an ICU, together with those of intermediate complexity that require hospitalization.

In the same way, the IPS should advance in the expansion plan for ICU beds and care for covid-19 patients.

Curfew: This measure is also in effect until this Tuesday, when the general restriction on mobility ends at 4:00 a.m.

The Secretary of Government delivered a partial balance, of almost three days of quarantine, in which it pointed out that 3,914 subpoenas have been imposed on citizens who did not comply with the mobility restriction measures, still without completing the confinement.

“We want to thank the vast majority of businessmen who in solidarity have put their sacrifice quota for the protection of life and health, as well as the millions of people who stayed at home this weekend,” said the secretary Luis Ernesto Gómez.

During the three days of quarantine, more than 2,856 Inspection, Surveillance and Control operations were carried out in the 20 towns of the city, which resulted in the discovery of seven clandestine meetings in the towns of Bosa, Engativá, Mártires, Suba, Tunjuelito and Kennedy. In addition, 17 commercial establishments had their economic activity temporarily suspended and 425 closed voluntarily during the three days of quarantine.

“In some portals such as the Americas and Usme, where the capacity was very high, the frequencies were increased and an evacuation of personnel was allowed,” said Gomez.,

The occupation of intensive care in the capital remains over 75%, which is why the official pointed out that everything that is done this week to mitigate infections will be reflected in the next two weeks, which is why avoiding the Social encounters will be essential so that the city does not reach worrisome hospital occupancy levels that merit new measures.