Mobility Company is the Only One that Offsets its Carbon Footprint in Latin America

Cabify announced on Tuesday that it is reinforcing its environmental commitment by applying blockchain technology in its compensation project for emissions and expanding its initiatives to new countries. For this, they partnered with ClimateTrade, a pioneer fintech in the development of a Blockchain marketplace for carbon footprint compensation.

New safety measures for Cabify drivers
According to figures from the International Energy Agency and C40 Cities, road transport represents 11.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions, and urban centers are responsible for 70 percent of these. Likewise, cities are key in the solution against climate change, which must go through moving towards the decarbonisation of mobility.

Cabify became the first company in the sector in Latin America and Spain to offset 100 percent of the emissions generated not only by its corporate activity, but also those resulting from user and company journeys through the application (carbon neutral), having sustained this commitment for three consecutive years, they explain.

In that sense, they add that in this time, “Cabify has offset more than 310 thousand tons of CO2 through environmental protection projects, equivalent to 280 trips by car from Buenos Aires to São Paulo or the protection of 12 million trees in the jungle At the same time, the company is making progress in reducing emissions, with a commitment of 15% per year, and promoting the electrification of fleets in 2025 in Spain and in 2030 in Latin America, including Colombia in these efforts. ”

For this reason, the company is already working to integrate the API (application programming interface) that Climate Trade has developed and that will allow tracing the carbon footprint per journey made by users and companies in Colombia that travel with the application. So that in this way, users can know in real time the footprint emitted during their journey and that Cabify compensates for them, transparently promoting the acquisition of carbon neutral services.

Juan de Antonio, CEO and Co-founder of Cabify assures that in “the very complex times that countries, cities and communities are currently going through, they do not slow down the speed but rather motivate more than ever to move decisively towards mobility and sustainable urban models” .

The complex times that countries, cities and communities are currently going through do not slow down speed but motivate more than ever to move decisively towards sustainable mobility

And he adds that “We maintain our progress and our commitment to the electrification of the fleet and in parallel we want to ensure that with the appropriate local projects, we generate a positive impact that goes beyond the carbon neutrality achieved 3 years ago and also enhances the human development of the communities of which we are part of every day ”.

Likewise, Francisco Benedito, CEO of ClimateTrade states that “From ClimateTrade we seek to complement Cabify in the leadership of mobility.

And he explains that ClimateTrade programs aim to fight climate change, poverty and support local development, as well as create a positive impact on the planet.