This Ultra-Fast MicroSD Card Costs Less than € 10

One of the purchases that should never be missing every year is to acquire a new micro SD card for our favorite electronic device, something you will use especially if you have a mobile phone with which you take many photographs or record videos.

Now the English Court has just launched an interesting offer to buy an ultra-fast micro SD card for only € 9.99, which is a 50% discount on its original price.

As you imagine, it is one of the last offers that you will have available on the occasion of Black Friday, and therefore this offer is of limited time and units. So getting a next-generation memory card for less than € 10 is one of the biggest bargains you can take advantage of these days.

64GB SanDisk Extreme
This microSD card is much faster than other alternatives, something that improves the loading times of the apps you have installed on it, as well as allowing you to transfer files faster.

It is a 64GB microSD card that for less than € 10 offers almost infinite storage for your electronic device. First of all it is designed for Android mobile phones, since we take a multitude of photos or record videos, and more at this time of the year where with the internal storage of the device we do not have enough to collect all the family or friends parties.

Another interesting note of this card is that it is sold by the English Court. As you know, the English Court is one of the stores with the best after-sales guarantees in the market and you can also receive it at your home in the next few hours or even pick it up at one of the shops enabled at two hours, depending on availability.

Specifically, this card has a reading speed of 160 MB / s, which will allow you, for example, to transfer 1000 high-resolution photos and 30 minutes of 4K video in less than three minutes. It is especially useful when moving a lot of data in case we have many photographs or videos that we want to store on the card.