Three Major Indexes Weakened

According to news on October 16th, the three major indexes opened at different levels and continued to consolidate after the opening. On the disk, the textile manufacturing sector continued to rise sharply, the natural gas sector rose collectively, and the textile sector continued to be active. Individual stocks in the two cities rose more and fell less. The overall market The performance is average. Since then, the three major indexes have diverged. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has been relatively strong, the northbound capital has begun to flow in, and the large financial sector has exerted force. Near the morning’s close, the Shanghai Index turned green, the Chuang Index and the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 1%, individual stocks fell more and rose less, the market was generally sluggish, and the overall profitability effect was average. As of the morning’s close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.28% to 3,322.85 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.28% to 13,450.67 points; the index fell 1.45% to 2698.35 points.

From the perspective of the disk, the gas, natural gas, and coal sectors have the largest gains, and Tesla, third-generation semiconductors, and consumer electronics concepts have the largest declines.

Friday morning, the three major share stock indexes continued to consolidate. The index divergence is obvious on the disk. The Shanghai Stock Index is relatively strong, and the energy and financial sectors have exerted strength; on the other hand, the decline of genetically modified, third-generation semiconductors, and Tesla concepts are among the top declines, dragging down the growth of the GEM index by more than 1% .

As of midday’s close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3,322.85 points, down 0.28%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 13,450.67 points, down 1.28%; ChiNext Index reported 2,698.35 points, down 1.45%.

The concept of “cold winter” expresses “hot”

In early trading today, the energy sector bucked the trend and strengthened. The heating, natural gas, and coal sectors were all active. The main reason behind it was that “this winter is a bit cold”.

Natural gas concept stocks rose at the beginning of the trading session, with Dissen (8.960, 1.49, 19.95%), Houp (15.780, 1.23, 8.45%), Guizhou Gas (12.630, 0.47, 3.87%) and others following the rise. In midday, coal stocks strengthened, Xishan Coal and Electricity (5.370, 0.37, 7.40%) pulled up the ground, Datong Coal (5.360, 0.14, 2.68%), Zhengzhou Coal and Electricity (2.250, 0.07, 3.21%), Yangquan Coal (5.270, 0.15, 2.93%) etc. rose more than 4%.

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