Ties With EU to be Area of ‘Common İnterest’ for Turkey in Post-referendum Ara

Ankara’s relations with the European Union will be an area of “common interest” in the post-referendum era, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek has said, adding that the “noise” between Ankara and Europe should die down after the European elections cycle.

Speaking to Reuters one day after a key constitutional referendum in Turkey, Şimşek said areas of common interest would be focused on in the post-referendum process.

“Updating the Customs Union deal will be the easiest area on which the both parties can agree,” he said.

“I assume that some of the ‘noise’ in Turkish-EU relations will decrease after elections in EU are completed,” Şimşek added.

Relations hit a low during the campaign when some EU member countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, barred Turkish ministers from holding rallies in support of the changes.

On April 16, the “Yes” side won 51.41 percent of the vote compared with 48.59 for “No,” unofficial results showed in Turkey’s constitutional referendum on shifting to an executive presidential system.