Tik Tok Apologizes to the Muslim Girl

TikTok has apologized for banning an American Muslim from a Chinese-owned video sharing platform after it released a video highlighting Beijing’s treatment of Uighur Muslims in East Turkistan, which China calls Xinjiang.

A spokesman for the podium on Thursday blamed a “human moderation error” in removing a video of 17-year-old Fairouza Aziz, who pretended the video was intended to teach girls how to lengthen eyelashes, to avoid censorship.

“So the first thing you need to do is take the eyelash tool and curl your lashes, so you will put it and use your phone that you are using now to find out what is happening in China,” said Fayrouza Aziz in the video – which had more than 1.5 million views before being banned from Tech Talk. , How to set up concentration camps, throw innocent Muslims there, separate their families from each other, kidnap them, kill them, rape them, force them to eat pork, force them to drink (alcohol), force them to convert to different religions, and if they don’t, they will be killed ”.

“Because of a human moderation error, the famous video was removed,” said Eric Han, head of safety at TikTok US, in a statement acknowledging “great concern and confusion.” This content must not be removed. ”

Han said: The company in the past banned a special account for Fayrouza Aziz after it published a video while talking sarcastically about the possibility of marriage to Osama bin Laden. As part of the “scheduled implementation at the system level”, her second account was suspended a few days after the makeup tutorial was published.

“Our moderation method of blocking devices associated with a banned account is designed to protect against the spread of malicious, coordinated behavior – obviously that was not the intention here,” Han added, adding that the company had contacted Fayrouza Aziz to tell her that her account had been reinstated.

Fayrouza Aziz had posted on her Twitter account that her account at Tech Talk had been canceled but questioned the company’s explanations. “Do I think they blocked him because of an irrelevant satirical video that was removed with a previously deleted account? They blocked it right after I finished posting a 3-part video on Uyghur. ”