The project will be publicly offered on Binance Launchpad on February 25, 2019, with a recent heat.Blockchain rating agency TokenGazer released the Fetch.AI (FET) project rating report: Fetch.AI score of 2.7, the indicator trend decreased.  After analysis, TokenGazer believes that the Fetch.AI project faces major obstacles in technology implementation and ultimately landing. There are many doubts and contradictions in the white paper. The project still has many uncertainties and high risks. And the TokenGazer data model shows that the overall trend of Fetch.AI is down. It is recommended that investors pay attention to the progress of the project and invest carefully.

PlatON and Keystore reached a strategic partnership to jointly expand enterprise-level encryption asset services
Chain news, next-generation computing network PlatON and enterprise-level encryption asset service provider Keystore jointly announced a strategic cooperation. The two parties will cooperate in the areas of secure management of encryption assets, KMS, and privacy computing to jointly expand the enterprise-level encryption asset service market.

Kushen launches enterprise-class encryption asset management system ColdLar Vault
Blockchain Digital Asset Security Storage Solution Enterprise Kushen launches ColdLar Vault, an enterprise-class encryption asset management system for B-end users. Kushen Enterprise-class Encrypted Asset Management System is an encrypted asset management solution for enterprise users, helping enterprise users to manage large blockchain assets safely and efficiently. The ColdLar Vault system consists of three parts: management system System, mobile app and cold wallet Wallet. The security adopts three parts: public network, localized deployment and remote collaborative management. It has three characteristics: security, convenience and standardization.


PeckShield: The frozen blacklist account is active again, and 50,000 EOS flows into the Fire Exchange
PeckShield security personnel continue to track the blacklist account gm3dcnqgenes and found that 2.09 million EOSs collected by its associated account newdexmobapp have now transferred 50,000 EOS to their associated account guagddoefdqu, with a single hundred to thousands of EOS volumes , transferred to the fire currency exchange account (huobideposit) in batches, PeckShield security personnel have contacted the fire currency exchange, and further take measures to freeze the relevant account. Further the EOS remaining 2,040,000, which has been transferred to a dispersion ftsqfgjoscma, hpbcc4k42nxy, 3qyty1khhkhv, xzr2fbvxwtgt, myqdqdj4qbge, shprzailrazt, qkwrmqowelyu, lmfsopxpr324, lhjuy3gdkpq4, lcxunh51a1gt, geydddsfkk5e, pnsdiia1pcuy, kwmvzswquqpb like plurality of accounts, there is further turned Exchange may, PeckShield remind the major super node can account for the correlation tracking lock, pull into the blacklist when necessary, but also hope that the major exchanges are vigilant, pay attention to abnormal capital inflows, once perceived to be timely implementation of closure.

Only the 30% blockchain project Github has code to submit continuously
The RatingToken monitoring data shows that there are currently 260 projects with a market capitalization of more than US$5 million, of which only 29.61% of projects have nearly 30 days. Github has continuous code submissions (the average number of submissions per day is greater than 1). The top three projects submitted in the past 30 days are: Lisk (LSK), Jibrel Network (JNT) and Qtum (QTUM).


TokenGazer: ZRX project development process exposes ambitions, lack of community governance experience or constraints
TokenGazer data analysis shows that the top five tokens in the ERC20 tokens on February 20th are: USPC, NPXS, ZRX, OMG, TUSD, where ZRX has been active for a long time. A few days ago, the 0x project party began voting on the ZEIP-23 agreement, which facilitated the free exchange between ERC721 and ERC20 tokens without the need for additional trading medium. However, there are risks in the project process. As the project party has no confidence to implement the community governance attempt, abnormalities may occur during the progress of the agreement. Overall, the 0x project will have better prospects for future development, but with the accompanying The risk still needs attention.

The fifth largest mining pool in the original chain, Matpool announced its three core business directions.
Matpool Mine announced today its three major businesses: PoW public chain mining, AI cloud computing services, equity certification public chain super nodes, and is committed to becoming a “parameter blockchain computing and super node service platform.” According to Blockmeta, Matpool is closely related to the original chain consensus algorithm Tensority and AI cloud ecology. At 15:33 on February 22, 2019, the computing power is 3.12 MH/s, accounting for 3.41% of the original network. For the fifth largest mining pool than the original.

Tether has 30 million USDT huge transactions, and the transaction fee is only 1 dollar
According to Tokenview’s large transfer data, the USDT address starting with 1KYi has transferred 30 million USDT to the address starting with 1NTM at 15:59 today. The transfer address is still ranked seventh in the rich list, and the transfer address is currently ranked second. It is worth noting that the transaction fee is only 0.000257 BTC, which is about 1.01 USD.


PeckShield: Does not rule out the possibility of hackers buying tickets to become BP transfer freeze funds
PeckShield security personnel further tracked the flow of funds in the gm3enes account. The 2.09 million EOSs on the account have not yet flowed to the exchange. The hacker sends the exchange-type wallet promotion information via memo and fakes the Newdex transaction with “newdexmobapp”. The account is stunned and is currently diverting funds from a number of different trumpet to escape tracking. Notice that the super node game.eos just became a BP node at 20:46 last night and started to pop out, and the node was se4rkcg and izc3sqe the day before yesterday (February 21) two accounts 6,738,536 votes voting coming to BP, there is suspected to be manipulated, do not rule out that by the hacker node is the initiative to buy tickets on-line, the purpose is to transfer frozen funds. PeckShield is continuously tracking and checking related accounts, and timely follow up the flow of funds, and contact the relevant exchanges in the first time to catch up with the blocked funds.

China’s central bank: 2019 to deepen the central bank’s digital currency research and development
The 2019 National Monetary Gold and Silver Work Conference was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. During the meeting, Vice President Fan Yifei said that in 2019, the central bank’s digital currency research and development should be further promoted. Strengthen supervision of virtual currency monitoring. At the same time, the central bank said it will vigorously rectify the cash rejection behavior, resolutely rectify the violations in the issuance of commemorative coins (currency), actively research and promote large-value cash management, strengthen the security of the issuing warehouse and the management of cash equipment, increase the crackdown on counterfeit currency crimes, and strengthen The monitoring and disposal of virtual currency will strengthen the management of the renminbi circulation order.

PeckShield: The blacklisted account that was frozen was transferred to the exchange at 2.09 million EOS
The PeckShield Situational Awareness Platform data shows: At 14:17 this afternoon, the gm3nes account that was frozen by arbitration again had abnormal trading activity, and it was divided into three transactions, which transferred 2,092,395.53 EOS to the Newdex exchange. The data on the PeckShield tracking chain found that the gm3enes account was created on 2018-06-09 and was frozen by the EOS autonomous community ECAF on September 25th due to the theft of the private key due to the use of phishing software. The three transactions that were abnormal today were all produced by the super node games.eos, considering that the new block node did not update the blacklist in time. PeckShield reminds the major EOS SuperNodes to further verify the transaction information of the account and remind the relevant exchanges to take timely measures to block the funds.

Oxford University: The issuance of digital currency by the central bank may lead to a series of problems, such as technology and law.

The University of Oxford issued a report saying that the issuance of the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC) could lead to a series of problems that undermine or conflict with the basic tasks of the central bank. If the CBDC’s issuance requires public access to the central bank’s balance sheet, the introduction of the CBDC without any other remedy will lead to instability in the banking industry. At the same time, the central bank’s issuance of digital currency will also face technical problems, potential transition risks and legal issues.

SealBlock announces that its enterprise hardware wallet already supports MN signing
Blockchain security company SealBlock officially announced that its enterprise hardware wallet officially supports MN signing based on the original support multi-sign, customers can freely choose a variety of MN signing methods according to needs. The use of MN signing for multi-person co-management wallets is a powerful complement to traditional multi-signing, which can solve the problem that the signing party can not participate in the signature and the assets are not available.

Nervos co-founder: Smart contract platform must have value storage capabilities
Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos, a public chain project, pointed out that the smart contract platform must have the value storage function, and must also consider adding this feature when designing the token model of the smart contract platform. The article points out that the smart contract platform running decentralized applications is different from the payment network like Bitcoin. The smart contract platform not only guarantees the security of its native tokens, but also guarantees the security of all token assets issued on the platform. The original tokens that require such smart contract platforms must have the ability to store value and “capture” the accumulated value of the various tokens issued on their platform. Kevin Wang pointed out that the contract which requires intelligence platform in the design model must be considered a token of its store of value, otherwise it will lead to depletion of the liquidity of trading, because no one is willing to trade.

KuCoin: There is no practice for employees to ask the project party for market fees.
According to the chain news, KuCoin denied that the overseas media had reported that the employees of the exchange had requested the project to pay the market fee and suspected of making false transaction volume, saying that “if we find violations of company policies, we will not tolerate it.” KuCoin said, “Because of the frequent incidents of disguising as KuCoin employees for fraud, the relevant media provided screenshots of relevant emails to help verify the company’s employees for violations, but the other party did not provide and published reports that were not fully confirmed.” Prior to this, at least the two projects listed on KuCoin by Jibrel, Encrpgen, Publica and Unikrn confirmed to blockchain media The Block that people who claimed to be KuCoin employees contacted them to pay for the fees through their recommendations. KuCoin has associated market makers to help these projects achieve the lowest daily volume requirements, otherwise the project will be delisted. One of the projects said that the way to “make the market” is actually to create false transactions, commonly known as “single bills.”

TokenPay will launch decentralized exchange eFin DEX next month
Encrypted payment platform TokenPay will launch Merchant Services and decentralized exchange eFin DEX next month. A few days ago TokenPay launched a domain name market, TokenDomains, which is currently launching the gambling website CryptoBet, which is expected to be launched in March.

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