Tokyo Agriculture University Expand Interests Through Experience-based Learning, Cultivate “Knowledge”

Tokyo Agricultural University Senior High School – Secondary School (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo), in collaboration with the Tokyo National University of Agriculture, the mother body, learns scientific thinking through food production such as rice and miso miso, a unique experiential lesson Is going. It is a class practicing “educational practical science” which is the educational philosophy of the school literally. 

The school has an educational philosophy of “intellectual practical science”. It means to cultivate and deepen my “knowledge” by actually experiencing it. Through many experiences, there is a wish that you want to cultivate and deepen your “knowledge”.

The school has its own curriculum that practically “cultivates” literally. It is a rice cultivation experience which is done in the comprehensive learning time of middle 1. Three times a year, I visit a farm of 3000 square meters at Tokyo Agricultural University Atsugi Campus and experience rice planting in June, weeding in July, and harvesting in September.

In comprehensive learning in middle 3, we try to make miso at the same laboratory. Although seems to be a target for dietary education at first glance, teacher Takashi Kawasaki of the Admissions Public Relations Division emphasizes, “Elements of chemical learning are strong,” if you miso rice.

“Under the guidance of Professor at the University of Agriculture, we will scientifically learn rice, such as watching rice with a microscope, comparing the difference in taste due to type and freshness, etc. In making miso, we also offer lectures from professors on soybean and fermentation Students will receive hands-on exercises, and students will be more interested by listening directly to specialized teachers. ”

He says that he will cultivate his own thinking power through synergy between classroom lecture and experiential learning.

Of course you cook and taste rice and miso you made. These classes are both science labs and home economics classes at the same time. Principal Toshiro Tanaka said, “I want you to realize the importance of food while learning how much it takes time and effort to eat.”

By the way principal Tanaka was originally a physician of internal medicine, but as a professor of nutrition, she has a history of 15 years at the agricultural college. In 2016 he became the principal of the school. “In our school, about half of science classes are practical training and experiments, so there are few students who do not like science, rather,” Rather, “At this school, children may also like science,” There are guardians who wish to enter the university, “says the cheeks.

There is an opportunity to further deepen “knowledge” cultivated in class. It is Hokkaido training tour of 3 nights 4 days in September in middle 3. Also here is a program focusing on experiences like this school. At Shiretoko of World Heritage Site, observe nature and enjoy encountering with wild animals. In addition, at Okhotsk campus in agriculture in Abashiri, experience new spring salmon roses and experience the harvest of potatoes and corn. Through experiences hard to do in Tokyo, you can experience the fun of learning, and you can deepen your understanding of food culture and primary industry.

The newly created salmon will be sent to each student’s house at a later date. Taste food made by yourself with your family and enjoy a great sense of accomplishment by enjoying.