Total Confirms the Suspension of its Project in Mozambique

The $ 20 billion investment gas project was halted following a jihadist attack in April claimed by ISIS.

The French group Total confirmed on Monday the suspension of its gigantic gas project in northeast Mozambique, interrupted after a jihadist attack in early April, indicating in a statement that it had declared this situation of “force majeure”. This legal notion is invoked when exceptional conditions prevent the continuation of a site, and the execution of the contracts which are related to it.

“Given the evolution of the security situation in the north of the Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique, Total confirms the withdrawal of all the personnel of the Mozambique LNG project from the Afungi site. This situation leads Total, as as operator of the Mozambique LNG project, to declare force majeure, ”we read in the group’s press release.

A $ 20 billion investment
Mozambique’s main employers’ organization had already announced on April 21 the suspension of contracts signed by the French oil giant with at least two construction companies: an Italian construction company responsible for building a village to rehouse the inhabitants displaced by the project. as well as a Portuguese public company responsible for building a new airport.

Total shut down in early April this multi-billion euro project, which will see the birth of a huge liquefied natural gas complex (LNG or LNG in English). A few days earlier, on March 24, armed groups attacked the nearby port city of Palma, killing dozens. The raid had been claimed by ISIS.