Trump: America does not Want to Use its “Most Powerful Weapon in the World”

US President Donald Trump has declared that his country does not want to use its “most powerful weapon in the world”, but only acquires it.

“We are producing the most powerful weapon in the world. We don’t even want to talk about it. We don’t want to use it. And we can refrain from using it and just content itself with it,” he said during a rally in Michigan State Thursday.

Trump, who is under isolation in Congress these days, said that the United States is “adopting submarines that no one has seen before” and rejects requests from other countries to sell such nuclear submarines.

Separately, Trump spoke about his country’s latest F-35 fighter launcher and the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who played the main role of the fighter pilot in the movie “Tobgan”.

“I was in one of the places showcasing these fighters. I met the pilots there. Frankly, they look better than Tom Cruise. Good movie. Good young man, by the way: the faces are the same, maybe they’re a little better, their bodies are bigger and stronger,” he said. They can definitely fight. ”

U.S. House votes to impeach Trump

The U.S. House of Representatives held a historic vote on impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday, accused of abusing his authority and impeding Congressional investigations.

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House, Democrat Pelosi, sent a letter to all 232 Democrats urging them to act on constitutional standards. She said, “Unfortunately, the evidence shows that the president abuses his power, for his own sake, for political gain, obstructs Congress, and insists that he is higher than accountability, higher than the Constitution and higher than the American people.”

Before Wednesday ’s vote, the US House of Representatives has a final debate on whether to impeach Trump. Speaker Pelosi told lawmakers in the House of Representatives that Trump “consistently poses a constant threat” to US national security. “The president’s irresponsible behavior made it necessary for him to be prosecuted, and he left us no other option,” Pelosi means, with no choice but impeachment.

The Democrats control the House of Representatives, so there is no doubt about the results of the impeachment vote, and President Trump’s impeachment case should pass in the House as scheduled.

Democrats have accused Trump of putting pressure on Ukrainian President Zelensky to force Kiev authorities to investigate possible opponents of Trump’s 2020 presidential election, Democrat Biden and his son Hunt’s economic activity in the country. Democrats have also accused Trump of impeding the normal conduct of congressional investigations, providing materials to Congress, and preventing his advisers from attending relevant hearings in the House of Representatives. It also futilely blocked other allegations and threatened relevant witnesses.

The congressional debate began on the evening of Wednesday, US time. The voting results are expected to match the bipartisan strength of the U.S. House of Representatives. At present, the House impeachment Trump vote is expected to be almost divided by party. Party MPs opposed the Republican Party’s opposition to impeachment. It also means that the two parties are deeply divided on President Trump’s perception of behavior, and that the United States is severely divided.

The presidential impeachment case is expected to pass in the House of Representatives, so Trump will be the third US president in power after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. The impeachment charge against Andrew Johnson took place in 1868, and the impeachment charge against Clinton occurred in 1998. In 1974, another US president, Nixon, was indicted for the Watergate case, but Nixon resigned before the voting began in the House of Representatives.

It cannot be ruled out that individual Democratic lawmakers will refuse to vote for impeachment of Trump, but the Democratic Party currently has an absolute majority in the House of Representatives, with 36 more seats than the Republican Party. According to the Constitution, a simple majority is sufficient for the House of Representatives to pass the impeachment case.

After the House of Representatives has passed the impeachment case, the U.S. Senate will begin a trial in January. According to the U.S. Constitution, only the Senate can truly impeach the U.S. President. But Trump doesn’t seem to be worried.

Because the Republican Party in the Senate has a majority, it has three more seats than its opponent, the Democratic Party. According to the Constitution, to formally impeach the president, a two-thirds majority of the 100 Senate members must vote. In other words, the Democratic Party must persuade at least 20 Republican senators to join the 45 Democratic Party. The senator team, plus the votes of two other independent senators, can meet the 67 votes convicted of President Trump, so the possibility of success is unlikely. Historically, the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and Clinton The process ended in failure in the Senate.