Trump Announces “Important” News from the Drug Administration About Corona

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will reveal very important news about the emerging Corona virus at a news conference on Wednesday.

Trump posted a tweet on his official Twitter account, in which he said: “I will hold a press conference today, in which I will discuss important news coming from the American Food and Drug Administration regarding the Chinese virus.”

Trump followed her with another tweet, attacking “fake news,” saying that he had “always been cautiously dealing with the Chinese virus from the start,” citing measures he had taken to stem the spread of the new Vero Corona.

“I made an early decision to close the border with China, despite the objection of almost everyone,” Trump wrote. Many lives have been saved. ”

The US President considered that the whole world is living in a state of humping in the face of the Corona virus,

“The world is now at war with a hidden enemy. We will win,” Trump wrote on his official Twitter account.

Reactions to the President’s tweet varied among those who praised the measures he had taken, while others criticized him, indicating that he had reduced the risk of the virus at the start of its spread.

The tweet called “Joan Dimarco” said: “I had known about the enemy for months and had done nothing,” while another tweet called “Real Defender” wrote that he “feels more confident than ever that we will defeat the coronavirus under President Trump’s courageous leadership.” .

Trump’s tweet on Wednesday comes with his assurances on Monday that the stage of developing vaccines against the emerging corona virus has begun, describing the results as “promising.”