Trump Attacked Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Hülya Karahan

US President Donald Trump on Monday attacked  Mayor of London Sadiq Khan  , who was minutes away from his presidential flight in the British capital, on the eve of a three-day state visit.

Us President Donald Trump: “Khan reminds me so much of New York City Mayor Bill de Bazio, who is dumb and incompetent, and has done a terrible job,” Trump said in a tweet. “I look forward to being a great friend of the United Kingdom.”

In another chant, the president wrote: “Khan has done a terrible job as mayor of London and made foolishly bad statements about the visit of the US president, who is by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom.”

He called the mayor of the British capital a “failed”, calling him to focus on the crime in London, not to criticize Donald Trump.

Sadiq Khan has been making anti-Trump statements since he was a Republican presidential candidate years ago when he attacked Trump’s travel ban.

The first Muslim to assume the post of mayor of London called for a boycott of Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom in 2017.

In January 2018, supporters of Trump broke into a conference in which Khan spoke and tried to kidnap him, saying they were seeking his arrest under a law dating back to the thirteenth century AD

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US President Donald Trump on Monday attacked London Mayor Sadek Khan

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