Trump Threatened the Aliens to Bomb Them

Donald Trump is one step ahead of everyone and apparently threatened UFOs directly with nuclear retaliation during a television broadcast. Or rather, this seemed to understand to many viewers when the President received a question from a Fox host (certainly not a hostile network) about the new Pentagon Task Force on UFOs.

The news went around the world now weeks ago, but the President didn’t seem exactly right. He started mumbling “I’ll have to check …” and then “I’ll give us a good, strong look”, as if he had no idea what the hell the reporter was talking about, and then perhaps to get out of his way he left with a solemn and threatening lecture on US Army firepower.

“I’ll tell you this: we have created an army like we’ve never had before. In terms of equipment … the equipment we have … the weapons we have and … we hope in God, we will never have to use it. But we created an army like no one has ever had. Russia, China, they are all envious. All built in the USA. We have rebuilt it all: $ 2.5 trillion dollars. ”
Instead of diverting viewers’ attention, as Trump was probably trying to do, the hilarious feeling that swept across social media was that the President was threatening aliens with “an army like no one has ever had.”

bedminster township, nj november 19 l to r president elect donald trump jokes with the press before his meeting with bob woodson, president of the center for neighborhood enterprise, at trump international golf club, november 19, 2016 in bedminster township, new jersey trump and his transition team are in the process of filling cabinet and other high level positions for the new administration photo by drew angerergetty images

The Popular Mechanics site enjoyed taking this interpretation seriously, and explained that if that were the case, Trump would do well to definitely lower the crest in the presence of invaders from space: a civilization capable of making interstellar travel would surely have weapons of a power and technological advancement incomparable with ours.

“Let’s look at the progress made by humanity in weapons technology over the past 200 years.” Explain the site. “The armies of the 1820s, with muskets, horses and field guns, would have no chance against the armed forces of today. Here, alien civilizations could easily be thousands – or even millions – of years ahead of them. humanity, with weapons that to us would seem simply miraculous. The sad truth is that the Earth is that the earth would probably be effortlessly conquered or destroyed by any civilization advanced enough to travel here. ” Got it, Trump?