Trump Writes A Letter to Pakistan PM Imran Khan

US President Donald Trump has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, seeking Pakistan’s help in bringing Taliban leadership to the negotiation table, ARY News reported on Monday.

In a letter, Trump sought assistance from Pakistan to help solving Afghan peace process. The PM received the letter from the US president this morning.

Meanwhile, during his interaction with TV anchors later in the day, PM Khan said Pakistan would play its due role to resolve the Afghanistan situation.

On November 19, US president launched an outburst against Pakistan alleging that America paid Pakistan billions of dollars and they never told them that Osama was living there.

Prime Minister Imran Khan hit back at President Donald Trump’s statement against Pakistan by saying that instead of making Pakistan a scapegoat for US failures, the Trump administration should do a serious assessment of why the Taliban are stronger in Afghanistan than before.

Imran Khan said when I came to politics, people who used to work only for themselves, would have forgotten the people. There are other kinds of leaders who did politics for the sake of not just haters but politically in the name of work. They said that the mistakes have happened in both sides but we will not break the chains till we go forward.

Khan said that I do not believe in blaming. We want to grow. If Germany-France can be one, why not India-Pak? He said that our issue is only of Kashmir. Humans have reached the moon, but we are not able to solve an issue. Imran said that this issue would also be resolved, so it is important to make a firm decision. They said that if India takes one step then we will increase the two steps. It is crazy to think that both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, then a war between them can be war.