Tunisian President Tells Macron that a National Dialogue will Start Soon

According to a statement made public this Saturday by the Elysee Palace, Tunisian President Kais Saied said in a telephone interview with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that the new government will be formed in the coming days and that a national dialogue would be launched immediately.

Saied reiterated his attachment to the rule of law, while Macron reiterated his wish that Tunisia be able to respond quickly to all the challenges it was facing. He also called for the establishment of a dialogue, associating the different components of the Tunisian population, on the institutional reforms envisaged by the Tunisian president.

Saied suspended parliament, set aside many articles of the 2014 constitution, granted himself legislative powers by decree, appointed a new prime minister and said he would form a committee to amend the constitution.

“Said indicated that the government will be formed in the coming days and that a national dialogue will start in the wake of that,” the French presidency said.

A statement issued by the Tunisian president’s office after the call did not refer to any plans for dialogue, an idea put forward by other major players in Tunisian political circles in order to resolve the crisis.

Saied on Wednesday appointed Najla Bouden Ramadan as prime minister and asked her to quickly form a government, but she is expected to have fewer powers than previous prime ministers.

Tunisia’s public finances are facing a looming crisis. Talks with the International Monetary Fund over a rescue package were halted when Saied fired the previous government in July.