Turkey Helps Rebuild Syrian Town

The rebuilding of Jarabulus has begun. Apartment buildings are springing up, infrastructure is being restored, and Ankara’s influence is apparent everywhere. Even the fire engines are labelled, “Presents from Turkey to the brother people of Syria.

Weeks after Turkish forces liberated the town in August 2016, Turkey started sending electricity to the Jarabulus district. Now, the emergency hospital that the army set up has been replaced with a permanent structure, paid for by the Turkish government. There, patients are greeted by portraits of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, hailed here as a hero.

The mayor of Jarabulus, himself of Turkish descent, appreciates the help. “I hope the Turks never leave. At the very least, I hope they stay a bit longer. Otherwise, everything will get complicated.”

The Turkish post office has opened a branch in Jarabulus. There are no services yet, but the cash machine is up and running