Turkey to Enter Syria in a Day or Two, CHP’s Secretary General Claimed

IMG_0563By Hülya Karahan

CHP Secretary General Gürsel Tekin from Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has claimed Turkey plans to launch a military intervention in Syria within a day or two.
“I am asking either the minister of foreign affairs or Mr. Davutoğlu to provide an explanation. A statement rejecting these claims will cause nationwide relief prior to the elections,” Tekin said.

Tekin pointed out he was first to share information on the military operation at Süleyman Şah Tomb in Syria.

Turkey evacuated its military personnel protecting the tomb in northern Syria alongside the artifacts inside the mausoleum in an operation on Feb. 21. “The entire world witnessed the mockery that was the operation at Süleyman Şah Tomb and we are struggling to prevent its recurrence,” he said.

“We read about the problems of the Middle East, including the case of Mosul, in foreign media. Becoming a party to any of these conflicts would be an irreparable mistake for Turkey,” he said.