Turkey Carried Out An Official Funeral For The Pilot of The Shot Down Russian Plane

CVDzJtiWEAAmgPvolegThe body of a Russian pilot killed when his plane was shot down by Turkey last week will be handed over to a Russian representative after being retrieved from Syria, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Sunday.

Turkey held religious and official funeral for the pilot of the shotdown Russian plane
“The pilot who lost his life during the air violation was received by us on the (Syrian) border last night,” Davutoğlu told reporters in Istanbul before leaving for a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels.

Davutoğlu added that a Russian official would travel “soon” to the southern Hatay region with a Turkish military official to take possession of the body.

The Russian embassy in Turkey told the RIA Novosti news agency that Oleg Peshkov’s body would be flown on Sunday from Hatay in the presence of Russia’s military attache to an aerodrome in Ankara where it would be met by the ambassador.
The date and time when the body would be returned to Russia was still to be confirmed, embassy spokesman Igor Mityakov was quoted as saying.

One of the two pilots aboard the plane which was downed on Tuesday was shot dead in Syria after parachuting from the burning aircraft, while
the second was found safe and sound.

“In accordance with their (Russian) religious tradition, funeral arrangements were carried out by Orthodoxprie

sts in Hatay,” Davutoglu said.