Turkey to Resume Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria Following Agreement With Russia

yd-20160809-rusya-18-basbasa (1)Turkey will once again begin carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria after Ankara agreed with Russia to establish a new mechanism to avoid any clashes in between the two powers throughout the course of their operations in that war-torn country, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu.

“If we do not terminate the terror organization right at the beginning, then they attack all the cells like an epidemic. Therefore, at this stage, we will once again actively join the operations against Daesh [ISIS] with our planes,” Çavusoğlu said

Çavusoglu made this declaration following talks between Turkish and Russian officials aimed at coordinating their actions in Syria and restoring ties.

The Turkish Foreign Minister even went so far as to say Ankara and Moscow should team up against ISIS.

“Let us come together to concentrate our efforts on Daesh,” he said, declaring the group to be a “common enemy.”

“We will discuss all the details. We have always called on Russia to carry out anti-Daesh operations together,” he claimed, adding that this proposal remains “on the table.”

Turkey and Russia are patching up their ties following almost a year of tense relations following the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian warplane on the Syrian border last November. After that occasion Turkish jets did not fly into Syrian airspace for fear of being shot down by the Russians in retaliation.