Turkey’s Air Force Attacked 138 ISIS Headquarters and Shelters in Northern Syria

kjjjTurkey’s air force attacked 138 ISIS targets in northern Syria on Monday and bombed the PKK in northern Iraq the night before, the Turkish military claimed in a statement.

The military said that among the targets hit by Turkish warplanes were headquarters and shelters belonging to ISIS.

The statement noted that these attacks are part of the Turkish military’s Euphrates Shield operation, which was launched in August to force ISIS and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces away from Syria’s northwestern border with Turkey.

The Turkish military also claimed that the operation has cleared more than 1,800 square kilometers of ISIS territory on Syria’s northwestern border.

Also, late on Sunday night, Turkish warplanes bombed the Qandil Mountain in the Kurdistan Region, targeting PKK forces there. Hurriyet news cited the Turkish military, which said it hit 12 PKK targets, including a command center, in the 50-minute operation.

The attack came hours after the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), a PKK splinter group, claimed responsibility for a bombing in Istanbul late on Saturday night, which killed a total of 44 people – 36 of them p

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