Turkey’s Main Opposition Party is Preparing to Say “No” With Positive Messages like Movie “No”

Hülya Karahan


The CHP Turkey’s main opposition party, is preparing to say ‘no’ in the constitutional amendment referendum with positive messages as it is in the film ‘No’ about the referendum in Chile. If the party says ‘No, Turkey will take a comfortable breath’ message will be processed. Kılıçdaroğlu gave the party a ‘positive language’ instruction.

With the clarification of the date of the referendum, the CHP accelerated the work towards the bill. The CHP is holding meetings to determine the advertisers that will work together during the referendum period. It was learned that CHP will campaign with more than one advertiser in the process up to April 16, but will not explain who will work with.

According to Rifat Başaran from Hürriyet, the CHP took the example of Pablo Larraín’s film “No”, which described the referendum process that Pinochet lost in 1988 in Chile and was directed by Pablo Larraín. With the debates on constitutional amendments, the film, which came back to life in Turkey, adopted the method of the renegade René Saavedra, who provided the “noopposition with positive messages. In the referendum campaign during the referendum at the evaluation meetings, the idea of ​​’a negative emphasis, not a positive emphasis’ came to the forefront. Turkey’s The main opposition party CHP’s   Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Said,  ‘We will use positive language’.

The CHP will develop discourse that breaks the negative atmosphere of ‘no’ in referendum activities. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the AK Party and MHP leaders will not be given negative messages about those who support the ‘yes’ view. The main theme of the messages that the party will use in their advertising films, banners and pancakes will be ‘peace’ and ‘trust’.