Turkey’s PM and FM Rebuke Criticisms Over Freedom House Report

IMG_6839Erdogan attending a video journalism award ceremony on Tuesday in Turkey’s capital, Ankara continued saying that if Turkey has a bad record regarding press freedom then how come it’s prime minister can be insulted and accused of dictatorship on a daily basis.

“Those who say that there is no press freedom in Turkey should just take a look at the headlines of the daily newspapers,” Erdoğan said in his address to deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), arguing that “a significant number of the 40 daily newspapers insult the government systematically.”

Erdoğan continued the government’s criticism of a Freedom House report released on May 1, in which Turkey was relegated from the league of “Partly Free” countries to the league of “Not Free” countries due to its violations of press freedom.


The Turkish prime minister accused Freedom House of being misled by its sources in Turkey, which he claimed as the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

After criticizing the report for listing Israel as the freest country in the Middle East, Erdoğan complained of “double standards,” noting the firing of journalist Helen Thomas in the United States and stressing that Turkish public broadcaster TRT was taken off air by satellite providers in Germany due to its coverage of the Hamburg riots.

“When they do such things in other countries, they call it democracy. When we do it, they call it pressure,” he said.

“Those organizations who wants to engage in operations in Turkey should know that they don’t face an intimidated, weak state anymore,” Erdoğan said.