Turkey’s President Erdoğan Chairs Cabinet’s 1st Meeting

errrPresident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is presiding over the first meeting of Turkey’s new Cabinet led by a trusted ally, in a clear sign that he intends to maintain influence on the running of government.

Erdogan on Sunday appointed Binali Yildirim as prime minister. Yildirim promised to immediately work toward a constitutional overhaul that would increase the powers of the largely ceremonial presidency. He replaced Ahmet Davutoğlu, whose support for a powerful presidential system seemed lukewarm.

Erdoğan chaired the new government’s first meeting at his palace on Wednesday.

Constitutionally, the prime minister has executive powers in Turkey. But Erdoğan, a former premier, has continued to wield powers from behind the scenes.

He is pressing for constitutional changes for an all-powerful presidency.