Turkish Authorities Said They Are Keeping Dheir Gaza Aid Promises

tttTurkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said Turkey’s realized and planned aid for Gaza in 2015 is $75.6 million.

Bilgic said that Turkey, during the Cairo conference in October 2014, had promised to provide $200 million during the 2015-2017 term to support the reconstruction of Gaza and the sustainable development of Palestine.

He added that the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has invested $1.5 million during 2015 to aid Gaza and the total amount of continuing projects reached a total of $28.8 million.

“The total amount of additional planned projects (by TIKA) totals $11.3 million,” he said.

Bilgic added that Turkey’s emergency agency, AFAD, and the Turkish Red Crescent have projected a total of $34 million in Gaza aid for 2015, “the distribution (of which) is due to start.”

“As is seen, our country is doing its part and is working without interruption to fulfill all the needs of our Palestinian brothers,” Bilgic said.

The World Bank, which is monitoring pledges made by international and regional donors at the Cairo conference toward the reconstruction of Gaza, recently said that Turkey had not fulfilled its pledges financially.