Turkish FM: Syrian Rebels Risk Being Killed Elsewhere if They Leave Aleppo

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusogğlu said on Saturday that Syrian rebel forces risk being killed elsewhere if they left the city of Aleppo, and doubted that talks among their backers in Paris would yield concrete results.

“What is going to happen to rebel forces if they leave Aleppo? disisleri-bakani-mevlut-cavusoglu-makedonya-7069914_x_o Will they not get killed in other places?” Cavusoğlu told Turkish broadcaster TRT from Paris, adding “nobody is bringing concrete solutions” about the talks in France.

Turkish-backed forces are now besieging al-Bab, the last urban stronghold of Islamic State in the northern Aleppo countryside. Their advance potentially pits the Turks against both Kurdish fighters and Syrian government forces.