Turkish Foreign Ministry: Flying Kurdish Flag in Kirkuk Destabilizes Iraq

The decision to hoist the Kurdish flag at official places in Kirkuk province will have destabilizing impact on the political process in Iraq and harm reconciliation efforts in the country, says spokesperson of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Hüseyin Müftüoğlu.

Müftüoğlu’s comments were in response to Kirkuk governor’s earlier move to officially hoist the Kurdish flag across the province last week. Governor Najmadin Karim has asked Kirkuk’s provincial council to hoist the Kurdish flag alongside the Iraqi flag at official offices during the Kurdish New Year celebrations (Newroz).

“The Iraqi constitution has addressed the disputed territories,” said Müftüoğlu. “The constitution refers to a phase before which any unilateral action in regard to Kirkuk will harm reconciliation efforts and destabilize and endanger Iraq,” he added.

“Such efforts will endanger multicultural setting of Kirkuk where in fact Iraq’s social, cultural and economic wealth are put together,” Müftüoğlu said.

In response, Ahmad Askari, member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council said: “The comments of the Turkish foreign minister are a clear meddling in Iraq and Kurdistan Region’s internal affairs. Raising the Kurdish flag is a domestic issue and has nothing to do with Turkey.”

Askari wondered “Why is it okay to hoist the Kurdish flag in Ankara and Istanbul but not in Kirkuk? We haven’t thrown away the flag of Iraq and only insist on raising the Kurdish flag next to it.”