Turkish Military Launches Large Air Campaign On PKK Targets In Northern Iraq

The Turkish military has launched a wide-scale air campaign on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq.

The operation which started on Feb. 3 continued on Feb. 4, military sources have told Hürriyet.

Unmanned areal vehicles, fuel feed planes and AWACS surveillance jets accompanied Turkish Air Force F-4E and F-16 jets during strikes on the PKK targets in the neighboring country, the sources saidSome 40 jets that took of for bases in Diyarbakır, Malatya, Bandırma, Ankara-Akıncı and Merzifon his some 100 targets on the Kandil Mountain, known as ground for the PKK headquarters, on Feb. 3 before they bombed four other points else than Kandil the next day, they said.

Some 50 targets, including a group of PKK members who were in a meeting, were hit on the second day of the operation.
The same sources said PKK targets in Turkey’s Hakkari in the southeast were also hit on Feb. 4.