Turkish Minister: Assassination of Andrey Karlov And FETÖ Connection is Determined

Turkish Minister Soylu made a press release after signing the honor book at the entrance of Siirt Governor’s Office. Speaking about the assassination of Andrey Karlov, Minister Süleyman Soylu said, “I want to say that until the low assault on the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, it was the last curtains of a theater that lasted until the June 7th elections, staged by the same director who actually followed a single line. PKK, FETÖ (Fethullahist Terrorist Organization) and DEAŞ are the only actors in the scene of this theater.”


“Dear  members of the press, everyone in Syria and Iraq is reflected in how the inner turmoil reflected us. Living in the name of humanity is embarrassing, sad and conscientious. Because we are directly border-neighboring to these mills, we are faced with both a serious wave of migration and organizations that are fed from this confusion and instability from time to time in the activities and activities of our country. Even with this action, it spreads to the distant countries of the world, causing tears.

I would like to express it clearly that Turkey’s sole and greatest goal in the Middle East is peace and stability. There is not a single neighbor Turkey has bad faith. Of course, our feudal divisions may have different views on the events. Our approach to resolving issues may also be different. But it is never right to interpret it as malicious intentions intention or a closed door against our neighbors. In this geography we have no choice but us. Even if there are problems between the countries’ governments, the people of this geography have a direct relationship with their culture, tradition and civilization. Therefore, everyone in this demographic and social structure management position is responsible. Here are two old neighboring countries who are well aware of the photo of the Middle East who are aware of this responsibility as Turkey and Russia.”

The treacherous attack on the Mr ambassador  is in fact an extension of a dark scripture that reveals a mentality that wants to prevent peace in the Middle East. In both countries, however, this trap is deeply rooted and strong in leadership. The will that we have already seen is the way forward and gives hope to the future. I would like to express our condolences once again  in presence of you to our  neighbor Russia.”


Minister Soylu, indicating that they have reached very important evidence of assassination of the Andaley Karlov , “I would like to publicly share through you  about the Russian Federation Ambassador Andrey Karlov, who is in the custody of our country after the terrorist act  I would like to share with you the detailed and very important information that we have received and the fact that the investigation continues to be very versatile.With the officers sent by the Russian Federation, our police and prosecutor is presenting the necessary studies with all diligence. I woul like  to underline that a responsible cooperation is being achieved. I would like to share with the public that it is trying to reach all the connections both for the country and abroad “.


“One point is very clear, the relationship between the terrorist and the FETÖ is obvious, and it is clear that the terrorist has created a life line, including his task from the moment of his childhood,” said Soylu, who said that the killing of the terrorist  was very clear. The goal of creating different connections over the last year and a half and the goal of a diversion are clearly identified in the investigation being conducted..I would like to mention one more thing in this regard is that the terrorist, It is very clear that there is a consequence.When the security and the judiciary reach the stage with this detail, Our task is to be able to expose all these ncidents to fulfill our responsibilities to the Russian people who are our friends.”