Turkish PM Davutoğlu: “Drone Shot Down In Turkey Was Made In Russia”

hhhTurkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu says the unmanned aerial vehicle recently shot down by Turkey’s fighter jets near the border with Syria was Russian-built, despite Moscow’s insistence that the aircraft did not belong to its military forces.

“The downed drone is Russian-made, but Russia has told us in a friendly manner that it doesn’t belong to them,” Davutoğlu said in an interview with the Turkish-language A Haber satellite television news network on Monday.

He added the downing of the drone proved Turkey’s determination to respond to any violation of its airspace.

“This incident … has shown that Turkey both has the capacity and the political will to put an end to such violations.

“I hope Russia, whose friendship and neighborliness we value, will adopt a more careful stance and Turkish-Russian relations will not be negatively affected,” Davutoğlu pointed out.
On October 16, the Turkish military said it had shot down a drone in its airspace after warning it three times.