Turkey’s PM Erdogan: “Assad is a Terrorist”

aaaaaaaaaaaTurkey prime minister claiming that Syria’s president is a “terrorist” for allegedly killing hundreds of thousands of his own citizens.

“I don’t regard Bashar al-Assad as a politician any more. He is a terrorist carrying out state terrorism. A person who killed 110,000 of his people is a terrorist. There’s state terrorism  in Syria, I’m speaking frankly,” Erdoğan told reporters yesterday after meeting with India’s visiting president, Pranab Mukharjee. “I’m having difficulty understanding those in the Turkish media who defend this state terrorism,” Erdoğan said.

The prime minister made his comments after being reminded of a recent interview with al-Assad from dissident media outlets Halk TV and daily Yurt.

“It means that they can descend to the level of judging and disgracing their own PM with the person who carries out state terrorism,” the premier said.