Turkish PM: The Main Opposition Party Ignores The Assembly

Hülya Karahan


Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, “The main opposition party says that the constitution can not be imposed by  president, this is the omission of the parliament. This constitution was discussed in the parliament, and what is the representation of the nation’s will? This is the constitutional amendment to deny politics the national will. .

Things are said to be very confusing. We have not hit the ball yet. Everyone’s got a stone in his hand. We will also go out and explain which is not the right one.
What is the representation of the nation’s will? It’s the parliament. This constitutional amendment imposed means

to deny the national will of politics. It’s an unfortunate statement. We have not made a constitution in parliament. We have made the constitutional amendment to be made subcontracting the nation.

I asked to Main Opposition CHP Leader,Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu ,

bring your offer. We

also will get our offer. Let’s vote together. W’ll ask the nation. What people people say it would be done.

Let’s go to 2007 to understand what this change is. In 2007 it was an electronic memorandum. February 28 was an attempt to give a similar setting. We also said that we came back and sent this letter back to you with a registered letter.

Things got better. But the timing was important. Such an initiative before the full presidential election.”  Prime minister Yıldırım said.


“But do not be surprised. Since 1950, single-party politicians have not accepted this change. Ten years later they had democratic party. Presidency elections have always been problematic since that day.

They invented 367 fables. This prejudiced the law freak. We do not have a fight, we said we should take the national consent. We made a referendum. The constitutional amendment decision taken from that date was accepted in the referendum.

This change is the missing part of the work done on that day. That day’s circumstances allowed that much. Today we complete the missing part.


Two envelopes to choose from. One in the president and the other in the parliament. You throw it at the same time. In one you will elect the president who will run the country and in the other you will elect the legislator to make the law.

The government is giving you direct confidence. You do it yourself without leaving the job. Where is this wrong? When you are noble, do you think the deputy will rule?

The system is entrusted to citizens building. How long is 5 years … Sir “the dictatorship is coming, the reign of salvation is coming.” No third semester. No matter how well you do it. New names must come …

In the current system, the people choose the President. Irresponsible. He does what he wants, but he has no responsibility. The only exception is homeland betrayal. There is no crime of national betrayal. Let’s say they invented a crime. That way, 75 percent of the Assembly is going to get a yes.

So what do we get? The president’s irresponsibility is taking off in our change. He can be charged with any crime. The way to trial is opening up, not only for  president, but also all  assistant  … The new change is made possible by the votes of fewer MPs.”