Turkish PM: Turkey-EU Ties to ‘Relatively Normalize’ After Elections

After a 20-day stay in the constitutional amendment referendum, Prime Minister Yildirim said, “I do not see such a critical situation, if you really want to, I believe it will result in ‘Yes’ comfortably.” Bahceli noted that the MHP was running the ‘Yes’ campaign as they did, but they would not be doing any joint activity.

Some countries in the European Union, the elected countries, were part of this constitutional amendment. This is something we can never accept. Another country can not decide what to change and what to change, how to move. They are part of the ‘no’ campaign and become a party to it. This is unacceptable. We give it the hardest answer.

It would be wrong to use Europe as a wholesaler. Some countries are more reasonable, and some countries are unfortunately in a negative attitude. It would also be a mistake to evaluate all of Europe against us. A small segment of society is actively campaigning against our constitutional amendments. ‘No’ campaign is being conducted under the leadership of parties with racist and nationalist discourses. If we assume that this is the idea of ​​the whole European public, we will make mistakes here.

Normalization is partly due, but a trend based on extreme nationalist discourse threatening the future of Europe, anti-Islamism, anti-Turism develops. This current is always a threat, a danger, it is a danger for Europe. At present, there are very serious privileges in the European countries against the PKK, FETÖ and structures against Turkey. They do not make a sound, but Turkey’s arguments are not taken into consideration. These are not escaping our attention. These are important developments that will determine our future relationships.